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Mugen Seiki 1/8 Scale Nitro 4WD Racing Truggy MBX-7T MUGE2013

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All new MBX-7T 1/8 Scale Nitro 4WD Racing Truggy, based off the World Champion
MBX7 buggy platform

MBX-7T Features: Technical Data:
♦ 3mm A-7075 hard anodized chassis ♦ Width: 413mm
♦ Lightweight steel spur gear ♦ Wheel Base: 373~278mm Adj.
♦ Lightweight conical gears ♦ Gear Ratio: 16.28:1
♦ Straight cut conical and ring gears
♦ Specially designed front and rear lower suspension arm
♦ 5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower
♦ 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock tower
♦ 5mm A7075 aluminum lower suspension plates
♦ Narrow Wheel Hub (11.5)
♦ High down- force wing which is adjustable front and back
♦ Stylish cab forward Truggy body
Differentials Oils:

Front - 10,000 wt Oil (B0317)
Center - 7,000 wt Oil (B0323)
Rear - 4,000 wt Oil (B0335)

Shocks and Springs:

Front - 600 wt Oil (B0326) / φ1.5 L70/8.0T Spring (E0572) / φ1.35 5H Taper Piston (E0580)
Rear - 600 wt Oil (B0326) / φ1.5 L86/8.5T Spring (E0575) / φ1.35 5H Taper Piston (E0580)