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PROTOform Cyclone 9.5 Body for Dirt Oval Late Model 1234-21

$43.95 $33.00

The PROTOform Cyclone 9.5 incorporates all the latest aerodynamic tricks from the full-scale racers, made to fit all the popular dirt oval late model pan car chassis. From the offset front fenders and skewed rear ¼ panels to the rooftop vortex generators, the Cyclone is built for speed, downforce and side bite. At around 9.5” wide, it’s versatile enough to suit a variety of track types.

  • PROTOform’s first ever Dirt Oval race body
  • DODC Approved
  • Produced in Genuine .030” lexan
  • Fits all popular Dirt Oval Late Model chassis
  • Aerodynamic styling from full-scale late models
  • Pre-cut spoiler kit with end plates
    • Length: 21.25" (540mm)
    • Width (front wheel opening): 9.75" (247mm)
    • Width (rear wheel opening): 9.5" (241mm)
    • Height: 4.375" (111mm)