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Speed Passion Hirosaka Pro Racing 1/10th Competition Sensored ESC HSK-ES-PRO LIMITED AVAILABILITY

$189.98 $124.98


Continuous Current: 140 Amps
Maximum Battery: 2S Lipo / 7 cell NiMH
Brushless Motor Limit: 3.5T or higher
Dimensions: 40 x 35 x 20mm
Supports Wi-Fi Module: Yes
Supports Bluetooth Module: Yes
Supports LED/LCD Program Card: Yes


1 Hirosaka PRO ESC (Black)
1 Professional LCD Programmer
1 Cooling Fan Unit
1 Accessory Pack


Hirosaka Pro Racing is proud to present the all new HIROSAKA PRO ESC - Professional competition brushless ESC from Masaaki Hirosaki father of Masami Hirosaka (広坂正美, Hirosaka Masami) who is considered to be the world's most successful R/C car driver of all with a record fourteen IFMAR World Championships in 1/12 scale electric, 1/10 scale Pan, 1/10 scale 2WD off road and 1/10 scale 4WD electric.

Developed by Speed Passion with new patented technology, the HIROSAKA PRO is the best choice for a top level competition brushless ESC.

The HIROSAKA PRO ESC features an all new, in-house designed, 140A unit that out powers the competition in power delivery and smoothness. The ESC keeps it’s cool even when pushed to the extreme in racing conditions ranging from full power boosted modified to no timing racing. The brand new ground up design features a full aluminum body design which provides maximum surface area to dissipate heat from the ESC. The unique design allows the HIROSAKA PRO ESC to run at cooler operating temperatures.

The HIROSAKA PRO onboard switch unit with built in LED makes it easy to identify software profiles when they are installed. No more external wired switches means racers no longer need to worry about switch placement and finding room on today’s high performance racing chassis’.

The new Professional LCD Programming Card is included with the HIROSAKA PRO ESC with built in USB connection port. The programming card will allow racers to adjust ESC settings, tune the Hybrid Boost software, upgrade ESC software, and review the last recorded ESC temperature and battery voltage.

The (STOCK1) software uses Hybrid Boost Turbo technology, a great innovation for advanced boost (stock or modified) racing. This software is targeted for 4.5T to 10.5T modified motors (Hybrid Boost Turbo software for higher turn motors will be available soon). When the ESC applies maximum timing to a 10.5T motor, the motor will run at an incredible 110,000+ peak RPM, when powered by a 2 cell Li-Po battery. These speeds are much closer to the speed of a MODIFIED motor using traditional static timing technology which will only produce around 30,000 RPM.

This new technology producing higher performance will have some side effects. Higher performance also will also increase power consumption, increase motor temperatures, and lower the efficiency of the entire system. It is very important to set the programmable items of the ESC appropriately.